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Mission Informatics Pvt. Ltd. from Cochin, Kerala, introduces Quarto ERP – an advanced ERP software that simplifies and integrates all the functional areas of a business as well as e-business platforms.


Quarto ERP is one of the few time-saving, low-expense ERPs that bestows complete control of the business on the management with the luxury of 100% customisation.

SINCE 1999

Today, with a swelling clientele of over 1200 Indian and foregin businesses and two decades of expertise in crafting innovative IT solutions, MIPL crowns Quarto ERP as its flagship product.

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Quarto ERP has been built for Web, Mobile & Desktops with online and offline printing facility.

Quarto ERP
The best-of-breed ERP is built with
a number of core values ingrained in it.

An advanced resource planning partner that allows businesses to grow!

Crafted to manage sales & distribution, procurement, inventory, production, CRM, HR and asset management along with full-fledged financial accounting and business analytics, Quarto ERP is renowned as on of the few time-saving, low-expense ERPs that bestows complete control of the business on the management with the luxury of 100% customisation.

Following are the modules that makes it a complete ERP package:

Quarto Inventory module is made to streamline stock management using a number of cutting-edge features. Stock issue, receipts, godown transfers, physical stock adjustments, etc. can be easily customised and fine-tuned as per requirement. Stock reports based on batch, group, brand, category, tax, etc. with report creation option add to the uniqueness of Quarto Inventory module. Movement analysis, minimum- maximum and reorder level stock management, stock valuation, stock ageing analysis, expiry item report, location-wise inventory management, etc. are the other profit optimisation tools.

Quarto Sales module is a comprehensive suite that brings all aspects of sales under a single touch point. Its innovative features include customer profiling, sales queries & enquiry handling, quotation & order management, bill format designer, item- and bill-wise profit & loss calculation, salesman incentive plan, sales returns & credit notes, sales rates(discounts and scheme management), receivable reports with ageing based on area/salesman/location, SMS/email reminder of due amounts to clients & executives, sales summary based on item/group/category/brand/cash/ credit/ period, profitability register- item/group/brand, credit limit settings-amount/due days, stop billing provision- party/item, barcode & weighing machine enabled billing, etc.

Quarto HR module makes the load lighter on your HR team by keeping track of employee information such as designations, performance reviews, skill matrix, etc. A unique sub-module available in HR module is Payroll System that manages attendance, leave, pay slip, and OT salary, which will be automatically updated in line with the accounts module.

Quarto CRM module helps evaluate and improve sales and service performance by recording all details regarding the organisation’s relationship history with the customer. CRM modules are inevitable in modern times to ensure customer delight.

Details such as name, address, category, contact details, meetings/communication history, purchase and service history, service status, follow-up status, reference sale, pending enquiry reports, sales incentives/commission reports, customer identity codes, one entry tracking with code, etc. belonging to the customer or prospects are stored in this module.

Hold all your finance related transactions in check with Quarto advanced accounting module that monitors receipts & payments, account ledgers & summary, trial balance, P&L, balance sheet, bank reconciliation, graphical reports, cheque print & format options, ratio analysis, budgeting & analysis, costing modules– cost category/cost centre/cost allocation/cost reports, tax management, asset management-stock & depreciation, data migration, etc.

Quarto ERP has a well-designed production module that gives the organization complete control and analytical insight into the production function. It includes order management–customer/branch/stores, raw material accrual, Bill of Material (BOM) for finished goods, machine scheduling, manpower allocation & process time schedule, overhead accounts, re-process of rejected goods, QC approval, rejection & wastage reports, production batch creation, production-forecasting–actual/variance reporting, etc.

Quarto purchase module is designed to enable a flawless purchase. Its functionalities such as vendor profiling with list of items, credit period and pricing; inviting-receiving-recording-analysis of quotations, purchase order generation based on re-order level, purchase order and pending order reports–item/supplier/brand wise, GRN(Goods Receipt Note) control account, landing cost calculation, barcode labeling, stock allocation to warehouse, payable age wise, purchase return & debit note, supplier wise & bill wise purchase rate–discount-schemes-cost comparisons, etc. offer a laser-sharp precision in purchase management.

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