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Business Opportunities

Quarto is an additional opportunity for those who want to boost their profit by involving in another business segment. The customer satisfaction received through the software; definitely improves the business standards of the channel partners which in turn will produce positive results in the future. A decent sales margin helps the channel partner to do the business very profitably and the sole responsibility of the service and support in the future helps to achieve the long term steady income from the customers.

The training and support from the company to channel partners will avoid any pending issues even at distant places, the service through online method will solve the immediate support hassle free.

Smile Quarto is very interested in partnership with Accounting Software resellers, IT Business firms, IT integrators, Consultants, Freelance people etc. A partnership with Smile Quarto, can lead to remarkable benefits can be received such as:

  • Incredible Software and Volume Discounts
  • Free Online/Class Room Training
  • A very reliable Service Support
  • Free updates of the new releases
  • Combined marketing opportunities and promotions
  • Assistance to close the sales
  • Web promotion through listing in the websites and search engines
  • Free Newsletter and write ups