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Getting Started with Quarto

Getting Started with Quarto

For first time users it is quite simple to start using Quarto. Let us see some common methods being followed in Quarto.

Start Up

You can download and install the software from the website url given below. For install instructions please refer the PDF.

Server Details

A shortcut to the software gets created on the desktop once installed.Dbl click on the icon to open the software.

Server Details The default options as given below would be used (if password was changed for root user then it should be provided). 3306 is the default port used by mysql. Do not select Save Server Details this time (to confirm the connection is successful). Click OK

Company Master

Company Master



When we open the software for first time there would be no company existing.

So it will open the company master window. Provide Name of your company and details and Click Save to create the new Company.

Financial Entry Start From: Date on which entry (Voucher Date) is allowed to Start.

Select Company

Once the company is created it will list the company in the company selection window. Click SelectSelect Company

Show Financial Year: Used to view the existing financial years in the company so that we can login to any financial year present.



When a company is created a user also gets created in the company.


The password for the user can be changed from Utilities-Reset Password option once logged in Click OK to login


Main Window

Main window buttons and menus are explained in the image below

Main Page









Menus and Buttons

The main menu is categorised into 6 menus based on functionality. AsToolbar
Transactions – to create vouchers like receipts, payments, purchases,Sales, Orders etc..
Information – Reports
Final accounts – Final reports like Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Current stock etc…
Masters – All master entries like Ledgers, Items, Location, area, unit etc…
Control Panel – Settings for the selected company- on pressing F6 from a selected window it will redirect to the corresponding setting
Utilities – Tools for backup, import etc…

Toolbar Icons

Statusbar Icons

Common Controls Common Controls and its functions

Common Controls



Status Bar



Important Keyboard Shortcuts

Create ledger/Customer/Supplier Ctrl+L Masters-Accounts-Ledger
Create Account Group Shift+F1 Masters-Accounts-Account Groups
Create item Ctrl+M Masters-Inventory-Item
Create Item Group Shift+F2 Masters Inventory-Group
Bank Books Ctrl+B Information-Bank Books
Cash Books Ctrl+K Information-Cash Books
Ledger Info F9 Information-Ledger Info
Day Book Ctrl+D Information-Day Book
Balance Sheet F2 Final Accounts-Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Account F3 Final Accounts-Profit & Loss Account
Trial Balance F12 Final Accounts-Trial Balance
Current Stock F11 Final Accounts-Stock Reports-Current Stock
Receivables-Age wise F8 Information-Receivables-Receivables Age wise
Payables-Age wise Ctrl+F12 Information- Payables- Payables Age wise
Settings F6 Press F6 from any open window to get the corresponding settings
Date Change F5 Press F5 from any open window to change the date period or date corresponding to
the window
Refresh F4 Press F4 from the active window to do refresh.
Print Ctrl+P Press Ctrl+P to print any active window
Print Preview Ctrl+W Shows Print Preview of active window
Search Ctrl+F Search a given text in the active window
Export Alt+X Export active window to any given format like excel, html etc…