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Software Myths

Software Myths

The Indian retail market is estimated to be USD 450 Billion which can be converted to roughly Rs 2250000 Crores. (Wikipedia). Needless to say the biggest market for a software vendor. When we say retail it is not necessary to bring the big brands to mind but it is the small and medium enterprises, Retail units, wholesales, pharmacies, shops etc… which contributes to the major chunk of this industry.But when it comes to the software side it is still in a crawling stage to provide adequate solutions. A vast majority of businesses require right software for their business today or tomorrow. There are different options being followed in this area from hand written method to implementing ERP assuming it will boost business.


A good percent of businesses still follow manual billing systems. But Softwares find it difficult to reach out as people tend to be scared about moving to a software. and of course it involves investment which would not seem reasonable as it was not familiar back. But it is quite known that migration to a software will be un-avoidable in the very near future.


So when the software becomes mandatory the next question is how to go for a software which can replace the current system without affecting the business.

Customized Softwares

Many companies gives their software to develop to a vendor and customize according to their business requirements. This would seem efficient as it would be tailor made for your business and you can suggest for more features etc..But customization in most scenarios are not used to be successful because of many factors to develop customized software it requires comparatively bigger investment, Long wait for it to turn out to be usable. Less adaptability to the trends in the market, and most likely error prone as it always tend to cross the budget many times for the customer as well as for the vendor.

In-House softwares

Many companies have their own software team to develop and provide support for their businesses. And we can see how it is not adaptable to small industries because of the cost involved in maintaining a team for the software department. But it is being followed where there is ample requirement for a software team and other options are not viable for the particular business.

Readymade softwares

So the solution is a readymade software for the retail segment which is tried and tested and comes in the budget. There is a huge requirement for readymade software which can be adapted to the scenarios faced by the business. There are many softwares available in the market which offers the same. But it is difficult for a readymade software to fit 100 % for a business. But still it should include most of the scenarios in the area.

About Quarto

Quarto Software has around 12 years market experiance and over the years it has proved that it has the clear edge in providing right solution to the business. When a readymade software face rigidity adapting to business scenarios it again leads to customization of the product. It involves the issues mentioned for a customized software. Or it leads to switching to other softwares. It is a real pain switching software even how small it is when you want to run the business simultaneously.
Quarto is improved over time so that can be adapted to most scenarios of a business. Quarto software is also evolved from customized software. Or Quarto is a readymade customizable software.

In Brief Choosing a software wisely is very important for a successful transition from the existing system.